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The Last Surviving Child: A Memoir

When a mother and daughter lose their home, their family, and their country, the only option is to escape. For their freedom, they would face imprisonment, abuse, and death escaping Vietnam as refugees. Their journey to America is another journey of survival. Even in the darkest moments of poverty, racism, language and cultural barriers, abuse, and depression, they found a glimmer of hope to live on.



Why is so important to uncover every aspect of your mental and financial health? We tend to hide our true intentions, our thoughts, our past, our experiences.  By hiding ourselves all the time, we have created a mask and a reason to continue the oppression, abuse, and discrimination we receive.  What steps do we need to make to be our true selves and to be free?

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Recipes for Surviving: from Abuse to the Love of Cooking

This is more than a cookbook of traditional Vietnamese recipes.  For every recipe, there is a story of hope and survival.  Our recipes contain emotions. Our recipes contain our words.  We cook not only to eat, but to survive.  

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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